Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Dragon and the Burrito

After some coercing from his fellow dragons, DB decided to put down the young virgin maidens for one day to try a triple steak burrito from Taco Bell.

His normal sinister glare and the snarl of his upper lip didn't seem to bring out even the slightest hint of fear from the burrito. Even after taking a bite there was no yell of terror or pain. "Meh, I'd go back to devouring sheep before I'd eat another one of these burrito things. At least sheep bleat when being bitten in half." DB thought to himself.

He continued to eat the burrito anyway, ignoring the comments from the maiden who was supposed to be his dinner that night. "I can't believe he chose a burrito over me... I'm second to a burrito" she muttered under her breath.

Overall Rating:
Triple Steak Burrito - 8/10

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