Friday, December 11, 2009

Review: Assassians Creed 2

When I first started playing AC2 I was sceptical of the sequal to a game I still obsess over playing even now. Our pretty boy itallion Ezio looks amazing on the cover with this shiny duel wrist blades, but would he make me proud to play as him as his superiour assassian Altair was? Absolutely.

Despite the games obvious flaws of being very small and very repetitive, the game at its core provides the same sadistic fun the original had. You still get your basic weapons of a sword (or mace/hammer) a dagger, of course the wrist blade and throwing knives. AC2 introduces a few new weapons to your arsenal to torment the guards and citizens everywhere. Poison and the pistol are fun to use, but overall useless in the game play. The smoke bomb has to be the most useful new item for the entire game. Surrounded by guards? No problem, smoke bomb them all and let the instant kill stabbing begin.

The story of Ezio is substandard, I cared so little about what happend through some of the games cutscenes I found myself doing the dishes or laundry while they yakked on telling me nothing I needed to know to complete the mission itself. Just like in the first game, Everyone talks, and being in Italy the thick Italian accents are at times are fucking amasing. Othertimes I'm fairly sure they don't even know how to say no in Italian...

The Sidequests have to be the most useless feature of AC2. There are no rewards for almost any of the quests. The only quest reward you gain is a cape from your mother after collecting 100 feathers across the entire game, in all districts in all the cities. What's so special about this cape? Does it make you invisible to all gaurds across the entire game? Does it make you invinisble? Nope, it makes you wanted by all guards everywhere. I want a reward that makes my senceless massicure that much more fun, not makes everyguard charge at me for even being inthe area.

However, I still get to slaughter guards with great glee, giggling like a school girl as I stab my wrist blades into both their eyes and toss their body aside. Tossing someone off a roof, stealing the guards own weapon and killing them with it. But what sold me on the game? The Broom... That's right, you can take a broom from some citizen sweeping the street, and proceed to beat the living crap out of everyone like your weilding the mighty Hammer of Thor smotting your enemies.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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