Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review: Bayonetta

I've seen this game compaired to Devil May Cry on crack. I don't believe it myself. It's more like Devil May Cry on Speed and Acid at the same time while tripping on Mushrooms and LCD... This game is extreamly fast paced when in combat, with few moments inbetween to explore and relax for a moment.

Bayonetta is a fun game that doesn't take it self serious like many games, including the original Devil May Cry. You may come to notice that the entire game is one giant fan service to display a hot video game chick while keeping us happy with constant sexual innuendos and dances. The fantastic color effects and butterflies that flash around the screen with every attack and landing made are just added to the strange fun of the game.

Do not expect this game to wow you with it's storyline or the cut scenes between many of the fights to be as wondrous as the rest of the game play. Those two things on their own seem to be more tedious and boring while waiting to continue to more interesting parts of the game.

Perhaps my favorite part of Bayonetta, is the difficulty levels. Easy mode is just that, so damn easy you didn't even know you were fighting before you won. Normal is harder then to be expected for a normal setting. Hard mode, if you are not good at this game you will have your cute witch ass handed back to you in no time. Just like a game should be. There is even a setting higher then Hard (much like Devil May Cry's Dante Must Die mode) but I suck, so I've never gotten that far yet.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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