Sunday, January 17, 2010

Review: Prince of Persia

At first glance I was like everyone else when it came to the newest Prince of Persia game. I was a little leary on the red and blue scarf thing, but it was Prince of Persia it had to be a good game. I don't think I've ever been more wrong in my life, and I was married once so you know I've been wrong a lot. Prince of Persia has the same basic play style of the master piece of gameing Sands of Time, but that was all could have hoped to redeam this game.

In a nut shell the games biggest flaw is it is too damn easy. There was no way to lose this game. There was no gauge to watch to make sure you didn't fall to your death and have to reload. Considering how short the game is, this is a major set back to game play. Why worry or think a path through when you know you will always be saved, and not have to panic to reverse time like in previous games.

The graphics and sounds were okay, but still with numerous issues for me. The characters didn't blend with the background, a small black outline around each character made them appear to be in front of many of the scenes rather then part of it. They were textured cell shades while the background and landscape were simply textures. Then there was the talking... I found myself wanting to leap the prince off a cliff just to silence him for 2 seconds, unfortunately to jump to my death only made him cry like a little girl before being saved every damn time.

The combat system is perhaps one of the worse attempts at fighting ever. While not a major fan of button mashing to win a battle, I'm a hate filled bigot against Quick time events. And that is what combat in Prince of Persia boils down to, one giant annoying quick time event. Because I can't click on an button within the microsecond of time give the boss gains three quarters of his health back so I can slowly widdle away at him until the next quick time failure of mine.

Overall Rating: 4/10

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