Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review: Ninety-Nine Nights (N3)

With a name like Ninety-Nine Nights, you could imagine that this game is massive. Had this been a video review I would have cut away to Admiral Ackbar yelling "It's a trap!". N3 is a tiny tiny game. You should be able to complete this game in less then an hour if you don't explore the simple landscapes.

After you get so far in the game, you get to unlock a new character to play through a small game with. The stories have a strange mix of plots. Your give almost the same story only with a different character. The game even allows you to unlock characters that you've never seen in previous storyline. It's a cluster of useless characters that you learn quickly that you really don't care much about.

N3 also has this fun way to make you pull your hair out. Boss Fights! That's right, you get lots of boss fights. The fun comes in when you get struck by the boss. Say goodbye to your hp because one hit from the boss makes your health drop so fast you might as well quit if you don't know how to run for it. Don't expect your mini-army to help you, they are useless.

Graphics are horrible. Everything looks the same. All soldiers and enemies are cookie cutter creations. Don't expect much variation in this game. To top off the gingerbread soldiers the games highest graphic setting makes everything blurry and hard to see. You can see the pixels and cubes all over the place.

I would only recommend playing this game is you are incredibly bored and want to hate yourself for spending money on a pile of refuse.

Overall Rating: 2/10

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