Thursday, January 07, 2010

Review: Darksiders

In a lot of ways this game can be compared to Devil May Cry, but much to our dismay not enough of it. Like Devil May Cry you play a virtually indestructible swordsman, in this case War, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. As per your namesake your job is to destroy anything and everything that comes in contact with you. Judging by War's massive body with over sized hands and feet, with a head amounting to a pushpin in size, this is no challenging feat for our hero.

I think the story writers for this game were counting on the minuscule brain size of War to escape the need to fill us, the player, in with details that we don't want. Like why we are killing in the first place, or what was the point of all the crap we go through. It wasn't until the very end that you get any sort of real progression in the story but even that was a little flat and seemed to be little more then an excuse to make a second (or more) game(s) with the other three horsemen whom by the way, do not make a real appearance in this game at all. Yet even then this game seems to take it self a little too seriously at times.

The graphics were pretty. The world which you slaughter demons through is actually rather small, it does not have much time to overdue the visual effects. The 1 millionth scrap of paper floating by is barely noticeable when your moving on to the next ruined section of the city. From the sewers and underground railways to skyscrapers and highways, the game does not linger too long. The demons consist of the same few archetypes but that is to be expected in a short game like this.

The entire game is done with voice actors. To my astonishment the voices seemed good. Overall the voices seemed to fit the characters that they were coming from. Demons that looked like they hissed has a hissing voice, massive greater demons had deep booming voices. I was shocked at this development, a game developer who put care into their voice acting? This really is the Apocalypse.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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